Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tiny Toons Group Caricature

I've identified most of the people in this picture  - it's a cross section of the past, present & future of animation circa 1989.  That's me in the lower right with the curly hair & tie, between Art Vitello & Jim Reardon.

I'll post my ID's next week sometime.  If you can ID some of the people in this picture, or if you ARE one of the people in this picture, please post!

This picture was created as a layout for a scene in the last episode of Season 1 of Tiny Toons, which I was directing.  Steven Spielberg  was giving storyboard notes, and, as he often did when he wasn't directing a movie, he was enjoying making new scenes & sequences for Tiny Toons. I think he did this "ad-lib" - just creating on the fly - amazing!   Tom Reugger & I were taking notes, listening to Spielberg on the speakerphone, and he said something like:  "... and then Buster dumps the sack, and caricatures of all the artists on the Tiny Toons staff pour out ... and then...".  Many episodes of Tiny Toons were "remade" this way!

Bruce Timm had been doing caricatures of everyone on the staff already, but it took him over 2 weeks to draw this!   There's a painted cel of this somewhere.