Friday, October 12, 2007

Attila and the Great Blue Bean


chrisallison said...

I won't be able to attend the premiere, but I hope to catch you at the ASIFA Archive sometime to congratulate you, and pick your brain oh how to get funding for independent projects. You're seriously my hero!

Let us know on your blog where we can pick up a copy. I'm super juiced and would love to see this.

Your pal,

Kent B said...

Thanks, Chris

Here's the secret of Independent Film Financing in a nutshell:

No One is going to give you a pile of money to make your movie!

Just go ahead and start working on it now - do as much as you can yourself - story, characters, storyboard. You can make an animatic with temp dialog just using Adobe Photoshop, Premiere & a scanner & microphone. Once you have your first assembled animatic together, you'll see all the problems in your picture and you can seriously start reworking the movie. You'll probably discover that half of the stuff in your picture is unnecessary. You don't need what you don't need. This is the most important part of the work - before you start spending any of your own hard-earned cash on the production, make sure it's kick-ass! This stage took me about 3 years! (This was working in spare time - I couldn't quit my day job) - when you need help, put your deal with your collaborators in writing - This is "work for hire" what part of backend you're going to share, etc. Avoid any arguments or misunderstandings down the line.

Once you have the movie worked out like this, then you can go ahead & animate a couple minutes and THEN you have something to show potential investors. Don't show investors a character line-up & a half-page synopsis - show that you have done some serious work and you know the picture you want to make.

The deal you probably want to make is that investors recoup their money first, and then all revenue $ are split between investors & producers

Robert Rodriguez's book "Rebel Without a Crew" was a great inspiration.

chrisallison said...

Awesome, thanks Kent! It's encouraging to know I'm on the right path. Good luck with your film!

John Pannozzi said...

Kent, I've heard that DiC planned a 2nd season of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and even got as far as completing an entire episode, but scrapped it and decided to focus on the 2nd season of the saturday morning Sonic series instead. Is this true?

Also, it'd be cool if you didn an interview for a future Adventures of Sonic DVD. Go to Shout Factory to contact them.

Kent B said...

Hi, John P

There were no plans for a second season of Adventures of Sonic as far as I know. We did 65 episodes, and that was the number you needed to run a show Monday - Friday for 13 weeks.

Adventures of Sonic came about because ABC Network wanted the syndicated show to be "different" from their Network show.

Originally the Network Sonic show had a "Dark Knight" Frank Miller kind of style - so "Adventures" was a "Looney Tune" style. I always thought Sonic looked like a distant cousin of Felix the Cat or Oswald the Rabbit - so this style was more appropriate for him.

Nick said...

Hi Kent,
I'd love to hear about your brief experiences about working on "The Simpsons" back in 1989(?). I believe you directed the first episode, which the producers hated so much that they had the whole thing redone. The whole story of the making behind that episode has never properly been revealed and I thought you of all people would be able to share what went on that made it such a problem for the producers.

Oh and great job on your film so far!


Kent B said...

Thanks, Nick - Sorry I'm seriously lax in my blogitude -I'd like to do an interview, etc re: Simpsons etc. I'd REALLY like to do an interview promoting Attila the Ham! The guy from Vanity Fair only used a few soundbytes

John Pannozzi said...

Kent: Actually, Adventures of Sonic was conceived before the ABC Saturday morning series, from what I hear.


remember this old article on you from Comics Scene?:

Anything you'd like to say about that article (i.e. mistakes they might have made, things you'd like to add, etc.)?

chrisallison said...

Hey Kent! I talked to you about Kliban a while back and you recommended some Gahan Wilson. I was finally able to dig some up and he's hilarious! Any other suggestions of humorists in this vein would greatly be appreciated. I just found some of Shel Silverstein's more adult material and was pretty impressed.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge of cartoon history!