Saturday, September 13, 2008

Irv Spector?

I've been following Ger Apeldoorn's excellent blog

And there has been a lot of discussion about New York animator Irv Spector, who was very prolific as a comic artist. In animation, artists are always required to draw "on model", so it's interesting to see animators drawing their own comics in their own style. Spector worked in many styles. The comics of Hal Seeger's "Muggy Doo" looked like Howie Post's comic style, but I now see they are obviously by Spector. Here's a story from Timely's "Animated Movie-Tunes" #2 - I thought it was Harvey Kurtzman's art, but now that I've seen some of Spector's comics from the early '40s, I'm pretty sure he drew this (and probably wrote it, too). Hopefully some of the experts out there in Internet-Land can confirm this.


pspector said...

Hi Kent,

Thanks for posting this -- will look forward to others chiming in. I am out to sea on this one, as I have a relatively difficult time ID-ing my father's work from so early a period after WWII; IMO, he sort of had one foot in the pre-war past as far as his character design looked, and then, whoosh, his style evolved through several rapid changes in the ensuing years.


Shawn said...

Man, this is nice! I like the way he draws eyes. I love comics drawn by animators, there's so much more life to them. I was just rereading some of the comics you copied for me a while ago, and drooling all over again.

Good to see you're posting again. That's more than I can say for myself.

Let's meet for breakfast again real soon!

Kent B said...

Ger says the artist is neither Spector nor Kurtzman, but a third "Mystery Artist" who worked at Timely at the same time. Whoever it is, it's a really funny and appealing style. Maybe an animator, or some other obviously skilled cartoonist, moonlighting for Stan Lee at Timley.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I really shgould revisit this artist. The 'overbite' on hischaracters is creepy and weird in a very remarkable way. There shoudl be someone out there who recognizes thi.